David Ljung Madison Stellar

Programming, Algorithm Design/Development, VLSI / CPU Verification

Version Info

Resume v4.7, released 2016-06-01.
Please get current source at: http://DaveSource.com/Resume/

Contact Info

Before contacting me, make sure you have an up-to-date resume.
I am currently looking for either full-time work or contract work.
I am not interested in long-term relocating from Silicon Valley.

Recruiters: Use email, DO NOT CALL
Home: 415.341.5555 (call between 11a-8p PST)

Work Experience

Verification Consultant, Bluechip Systems. May 2015 - Jan 2016.
  • Verified secure communications between apps/device and an embedded SoC running a custom Linux on a custom CPU
Director of Verification, iCelero, LLC. Jul 2007 - Dec 2013.
  • Managed verification for a complex, fully-custom processor under a very tight schedule
  • Created complete toolchain and testbenches for entire CPU verification process, from block level to full-chip to SOC.
  • Created highly sophisticated test packer/generator for VLIW CPU
Independent Consultant, DaveSource Consulting. Jul 2002 - Present.
Contractor for VLSI/Processor Verification and/or software design/implementation.
  • CPU verification, formal verification tool design.
  • Designed and implemented operations management algorithms. Order of magnitude improvement in runtime and savings.
  • Custom image sorting software, custom web apps.
CPU Verification Engineer, Transmeta Corp. Jan 2000 - Jul 2002.
  • Created cycle-accurate models (verilog, perl, scheme) of blocks
  • Wrote pseudo-directed random test generators (verilog, scheme).
  • Due to original formal verification techniques on blocks, all bugs were found pre-silicon.
CPU Verification Engineer, SandCraft Inc.. Jul 1998 - Jan 2000.
In charge of initial verification of the execute half of SR1/Montage CPU:
  • Designed modular verilog/PLI testbench for blocks/fullchip, verified blocks
  • Created majority of verification tool environment.
  • CPU Verification and Debug, VLSI Technology Lab, Hewlett-Packard. Aug 1994 - Jun 1998.
    Post-silicon debug/tools:
  • Created the entire tool chain from scratch (except for some random code generators), including boot code and test framework, controller/environment scripts, shmoo scripts, fail search/eval, etc..
  • Hardware environmental testing and debug software
  • Finding and debugging failures
  • Pre-silicon verification:
  • Random code generators, test creation
  • Test checkers and evaluators
  • Tools writer
  • Other duties:
  • Lab Resource: Unix, programming, scripting..
  • Tool geek (wrote CAD tools, personnel tools, etc..)
  • Shareware Programmer, Marginal Hacks

    I wrote many popular tools at Marginal Hacks, including the highly popular album software.



    Computer Languages

    Fluent in C, Ruby, Perl, Java, Scheme, Verilog and many versions of Assembly. I often become the perl guru/resource wherever I work. I can do C++, but I'm not a fan.
    Experience with: Lisp, Python, Basic, Fortran, sed, yacc, sh, ksh, zsh, csh, tcsh, etc..

    Breaking things

    I like to use things in new and interesting ways, this is one of the things that sets me out as a verification engineer. I have managed to break and find bugs in almost every tool I have used, such as:
    gcc, cpp preprocessor, HPUX CC, HPUX linker, various assemblers, perl (2 so far), various shells (tcsh, ksh, ..), verilog simulators (VCS, ESP), rccs, etc..


    Degree: B.S. ECE/CS (Double major: Electrical Computer Engineering with Computer Option and Computer Science)
    School: 1989-1994: University Of Wisconsin, Madison

    Time's Person of the Year, 2006