David L. Madison


I am currently looking for either full-time work or contract work in Silicon Valley

Home: 415.341.5555 (call between 11a-8p PST)
Email: daveola@gmail.com

Work Experience

Verification Engineer, Bluechip Systems. May 2015 - Jan 2016.
Verification Engineer, 3Plus1. Jul 2007 - Dec 2013.
Shareware Programmer, WizPort Project June 1993

In college I spent a number of years creating a large software project called the WizPort, a solution to a very complex UNIX problem used by a large number of users. It created a secure telnet server with a pseudo-machine and restricted shell, and it could be run without root access.

Project information and references available on request


Computer Languages

Fluent in C, Ruby, Perl, Java, Scheme, Verilog and many versions of Assembly. I often become the perl guru/resource wherever I work. I can do C++, but I'm not a fan.
Experience with: Lisp, Python, Basic, Fortran, sed, yacc, sh, ksh, zsh, csh, tcsh, etc..

Breaking things

I like to use things in new and interesting ways, this is one of the things that sets me out as a verification engineer. I have managed to break and find bugs in almost every tool I have used, such as:
gcc, cpp preprocessor, HPUX CC, HPUX linker, various assemblers, perl (2 so far), various shells (tcsh, ksh, ..), verilog simulators (VCS, ESP), rccs, etc..


Degree: B.S. ECE/CS (Double major: Electrical Computer Engineering with Computer Option and Computer Science)
School: 1989-1994: University Of Wisconsin, Madison

Time's Person of the Year, 2006